Monday, August 15, 2016

Midwest trip 2016

Sunday, August 14.
We got up early and left Flagstaff in time to get to waylen's church and not be late. The time change sort of messed us up as Arizona doesn't change but the reservation does. We got there before church started and enjoyed seeing where Waylen, Anthony and Cheri attend. After church we had lunch with Van and they invited us out to their home which was about 10 miles out of Page to a little town called Big Water.   We visited for a while and Anthony told us what kind of procedure well and he's going to have on his heart on August 29 in Phoenix.
When we left there we went to Moab and got in there about 9 o'clock and went and had a chef salad. We stayed at the same hotel we stayed at last summer when we had by problems. 

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