Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday, October 20th

We are home from northern Idaho, it was great to see Hailey Birch then we went to Whitebird Idaho and saw Donna Gabica and her daughter,  Janet Brower. Jan went back to her home today near Olympia and we came on home. It is always restful and fun to stay with DONNA. We stopped at my sister-in-law, Caroline Smith and her daughter Cynthia and had a good visit with them in Fruitland.  We came onto Caldwell and watched Javi play football then had a hamburger with the LUJAN's before we came on home.  Thank you, Caldwell Friends for a Great 3 month sabbatical but now Don's sabbatical is over as he is going to the office tomorrow. We have had a wonderful time, we traveled 6,265 on the motorcycle, 4,583 in the car & 7,000 air miles for a total of 17,848 miles. No wonder the song keeps going through my mind "I've Been Every Where Man"!!

Monday, October 19th

For s relaxing place, there is no place like Donna's!!  We got around & Jan made pumpkin muffins for breakfast, very good. Don tried his luck at fishing with the gear that Troy loaned him. Don decided that Troy needs to bring his boat & "show him how." ;). Jan fixed good food, we played dominoes & just had fun. What a good day this has been. 

Sunday, October 18th

We got up & went to breakfast with Hailey then we went to the Salvation Army Church, it was our first time to go to that denomination.  We met Jim & Carolyn He
rridge for lunch at Applebee's. It is always fun to see friends we have known for a long time. We took Hailey back to her dorm & left for White Bird to see our good friend, Donna Gabica. We are fortunate to get to see her daughter, Janet Bower, here while Donna recuperates from an accident.  

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17th

We left home this morning about 10 and made it to Lewiston a bout three. We found Haley and have had a good time with her this evening. We took some pictures, Took her to dinner and of course had a Dutch bro. We are staying across the river at Clarkston, WA. The pictures show some of Lewiston and some were taken at the college.  The picture of the draw going up the hill is one where Don & the boys hunted, he said it was a long way to the top!!

Friday, October 16th

Even though we are home Don is still on sabbatical. We are home long enough for me to get the wash done and I went on a field trip with Javi yesterday. We went to farmstead in Meridian and rode the school bus. The third-graders and kindergartens went. We were back to the school by lunchtime I had coffee with Miss Virginia then later in the day Dianna met
us for dinner.  Javi spent the night as Paco and Joy went to Pocatella for a quiz meet. Paco is on the quizzing team with Greenleaf Friends Church. ROY and Sky hung out at home. Sky had a friend over ❤️. It was indeed a wonderful day. In the morning we are going to Lewiston to see our wonderful girl, Hailey Birch.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, October 15th

We had a really good time with Troy and Emily, it was just too short. They went to work and we stopped for coffee and came on home. We got home about 11, we met Mahlon,   ROY and Joy for lunch, we were sorry that Laura couldn't join us. I went to Dr. Black's office to see about my glasses, they broke on Monday when we were going to Pueblo, Harry Vaughn JB well did them and they held until today. My girl, Jenna at Dr. Black's office fixed me up with new frames that my 
Iinses would fit in, I am very thankful!!  We are at the end of a busy day, here are a few pictures

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14th

Another wonderful day, we left Price Utah and drove to Salt Lake, I looked around there a little bit and then we came on to Ogden where we ate lunch. We then came on to Twin Falls where we splurged on a Starbucks. Our next stop was at Bellevue, where Troy and Emily live. We got there just as they were getting home from work, it was really good to see them. Even though we only live three hours apart it seems like we don't see them very often so when we do the time is really good. They took us to Hailey for dinner and that was a special time too. The construction sites are the airport that Troy has been working on the one picture is of Silver Creek (I think). 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday, October 13th

This has been another wonderful day. We left Pueblo after saying goodbye to Harry Vaughn, Carol and Melynda. I really don't like goodbyes!!  We went by the Honda place as Don had got an intercom for his helmet when we were there in August. The guy that could take care of it wasn't there, of course so he will have to go to Plan B and see if either he can get his money back or they will give him a new one. It quit working when we were coming back through Colorado on our way home.  
We came on through Canyon city, Salida, Gunnison, Montrose, Grand Junction & onto Utah.  We made it to Price, Utah about 8 o'clock.  We have seen a lot of pretty country, some pretty fall colors and we crossed over the continental divide on the top of Monarch Pass.