Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Title

You may wonder why my Mom came up with her blog title, The Preacher and His Biker Babe. No matter, I'm going to fill you in, as only a daughter can.

My father is a preacher. Has been for 40 years! He's been a motorcycle man for about 30 years and for several years, he'd take a bike trip and leave my mother at home. One year, that changed. And she's not been sorry once!

She loves the road sitting behind her main squeeze. They've taken many a bike trip and a couple times, she even shared her time with me and then I'd drive the car home and they'd go on together.

They have leather clothes. They wear cowboy boots. They always wear helmets.

Dad is always a preacher, no matter where he is or what he is doing - thus "THE PREACHER" part of the title. My Moma becomes "HIS BIKER BABE" and off they ride into the sunset.

Now you know how she came up with her blog title, in my words.

Yours Truly,
the daughter

It's a Go!

It is official! We are leaving on Father's Day, June 20th, and our return date is open!

We shall see how I do with a new netbook and blog. It's a lot for an old gal like me to learn but I am determined!

Stay tuned for our amazing trip to Alaska on the back of our Honda Goldwing.