Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday, September 14th

3915 miles and we are home, we paid more for gas and Nampa at Costco than we did any place on the trip.  :(
We got to see a lot of people, see a lot of country. God is good.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday, September 13th

This morning we left Harry & Carol' s hospitality and came to Thornton to visit Fred and Margie, Fred & Don have been friends since CSU days a long time ago.  As I said before God has blessed us with such a good family and friends, He is so good. We went to dinner at Cheddar's and it was delicious thank you Fred and Marge. We got to see their pictures on their recent trip to Iceland, it looked like a really fun place to go.
I said Harry Vaughn and I could be brother and sister, he looks like his daddy and I look like his mama. ;)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday September 11th

Today has been a really good day, Harry Von fixed breakfast this morning and it was really good, I can't remember the name of the it. We went for a drive to downtown Old Pueblo, we walked through Riverwalk, & and then we went to a really good place for lunch. We stopped at a store for Carol's family has food and a lot of other stuff to sell. We drove through the cemetery that my aunt and uncle, Thelma and Harry Nachtigall are buried, also Carol's parents grandparents, and a lot of other relatives. It was really a good day.
Don and I are certainly blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, September 9th

This has been another good day, I went to Lamar and had coffee with Rachel Richenburg from Oklahoma City. Then I went to Eads for the barbecue lunch but it was cancelled because the electricity went off yesterday during the rodeo and that messed up the cooking of the barbecue, they were afraid to feed it to so many old people ha
Don helped Gilbert in the field and Esther, Gilbert, Don, and I ate lunch at the cafe. We went to part of the rodeo, we saw a lot of people and it was a great day. We got ready and went to the all-school reunion, it was a great evening.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8th

This has been a wonderful day we went to the fair breakfast at 6:45 and we're in Eads all day, went to the barbecue beef lunch at noon and then to the rodeo.
Tonight some of the kids that graduated from Sheridan Lake got together at the local cafe and had dinner. It was a really nice evening. Those attending were Les splitter, Paul and Rachel Richenburg, Eugene and Judy splitter, Hal & Susie Wiebers, Donita, Joyce Mayo, Lydia and Harry Lightner, and us, I hope I got everyone.

Wednesday, September 6th

Yesterday morning we left my cousins, stop by another cousin Dale zortman and met his son Jeff. From there we went on to Tribune Kansas and saw my childhood girlfriend Joyce. We got to Gilbert's about 5 and went into eats for supper. Today Don and his brothers had a good time while us sister-in-laws had lunch and drink coffee about all afternoon. We had a super good time. We came to Eads and watch lauretta's grandchildren show their goats then we watched Terry's wife Lana Barrel Race. It has truly been a wonderful day

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday, September 7th

Today has been a very busy full day, we had the memorial service at the cemetery in Eads for Doris Forsyth, it was a wonderful time of memories with her three boys Doug, Scott, and Mark. There was a nice lunch following and we did more visiting with people that we had known and that knew
Doris.  We had a lot of fun visiting with the brothers, there was Gilbert, Louis, Lee and Ronnie there tonight at the county rodeo. It is time to call it a day and go to bed