Thursday, September 13, 2012

From Barclay College in Haviland we went to Augusta & stayed with my cousins Donna & Larry Markley, we had a good visit with them & yesterday morning we went to Wichita to see Don's brother, Waylen & Darlene.  We had a good visit with them & went back to Donna's & spent the night.  Donna asked her sister, Francie & Steve over for dinner, we also got to see some of their children.  Great Times!!
Today we left Donna's &went to Salina & saw my cousins, Van & Mary, good to visit with them then to Mankato, KS to see Don's Aunt Ella, we went on to Burr Oak & saw Don's cousin, Glen, his wife, Patsy was at Friends Missionary Meeting.  We made it to Ogallala, NE & are calling it a day.
We have seen a lot of family & friends on this trip, we had a great nephew born last night so the Brown family continues to grow.  God IS SO good!!
Brother Waylen and wife Darlene

Cousins Donna and Larry Markley  They are such wonderful hosts and treated us like royalty.  But then we are special, (HA)

Cousins Mary and Van Lett and Alfreda

Donald and his Aunt Ella Page.  She is the last remaining of this generation of Pages.  She was married to Mother's brother James. She is 89 and as witty and fun to be around as ever.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapel at Barclay College

We have had a great time at Barclay College with our wonderful granddaughter.  Don spoke in chapel & that was a very special time for us.  Don challenged all of us to serve God where ever we are 24/7.  It was a message of encouragement of how God DOES take care of us & leads us through life.
From Don's message "If I could give a person something that would change and revolutionize their life, I would give him something more powerful than talent, more important than position, more compelling than physical beauty, and more desirable than genius, I'd give him Jesus Christ."

Melynda, Alfreda and Don in front of coffee shop

Rachel's boyfriend, Rachel, and Amanda and Michael

Plaque at Barclay College

Monday, September 10, 2012

Barclay College

Monday, Sept. 10th.  We have had a whirl wind of a weekend with our wonderful family in Eads/Chivington, Colorado.  Today we left Gilbert & Kay's & made it to Meade,KS to have lunch with my Uncle P.D. who is 95, the only sibling of my mother that is left, his daughter, Konda & husband Fred joined us for lunch too.  Great visit then we came on to Haviland to visit our granddaughter who  is in college here.  It is so much fun to see her in college life & doing so well.  OH MY God IS good
Roasting peppers at Pueblo at one of the Italian farms that Harry and Carol, Alfreda's cousin from Pueblo.  He is the one who helps Joy with her quilts.  He is Alfreda's first cousin.  We enjoy them a lot.  Stayed the night with them and had a delightful time.  Looking forward to more time in the future.

Melynda and quilt made by Mama Joy and quilted byHarry

six brothers and wives.  Wish Waylen and Darlene could have been there.  We really missed them.  But we had a great time Sunday evening eating Pizza and visiting.  A lot of the family came and went. 

six brothers only Waylen is missing.  Fronm left to right
sitting Lynn, Don and Gilbert
standing:  Lee, Ronnie and Louis

This is how they cook for barbeque in Colorado.  They have been doing this for over 60 years as I, (Don) can remember it as a small boy.

Breakfast at Pam and Jerry's.  Biscuit and gravy with fresh peaches from Idaho.  Pam and Jerry host us every year and it is a delightful time.

Sign at church in Chivington.  They are planning on building a new church building as this one was damaged by tornado and they want one on one level.  Will not be a big church but one that will seat about 70-80.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Eats

OH MY we are having a good time, went to the Bar-B-Q yesterday, beef & today, pork, onions & potatoes, were cooked in the pit, beans, ce tea & water melon, you buy a pass for 8 bucks & that lets you in the the Bar-B-Q & rodeo for both days.  Yesterday we had a niece barrel ride & she had the best time of 17.89, WOW she is good.  We had a nephew & another guy team rope & they were good too.  In the morning we went to nephew, Terry's to watch his steers sell, we watched it on TV I didn't even know they could do such a thing!!  they brought what he wanted so he was happy & we thought he could buy dinner.  :)
Last night we went to a Sheridan Lake school reunion & it was fun to see some of my class mates & friends.  Tonight we are going to the All School Reunion for Eads High School, they have these reunions every 5 years, this is Don's 55th class reunion!!
6 of the Brown boys are here for the Kiowa County Fair & it is sure fun to be with such a nice family, we had Biscuits & Gravy at our niece's, Pam & Jerry's, this morning.  God IS good.  We are having a great time. 
Hope to add some pictures on here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Colorado

We are having a most wonderful time.  We left Fred & Marge's yesterday morning & went to CO Springs to see Don's cousin, Ken, & Karen, we had a good visit with them.  I urge all of us to continue to pray for Karen a kidney donor.  From there we went to Pueblo and visited my cousin, Harry Vaughn & Carol.  They took us for a fun drive to visit some Italian farms, Carol is Italian & it was really interesting to learn about her heritage.  We left Pueblo this morning & came to Eads & met Gilbert & Kay, Lynn & Charlene & Lee & Esther, so 4 of the Brown boys were at the Eads cafe for lunch & it IS so much fun to be with our family.  God IS good. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Road Again

Don & I left home yesterday about 2:15 & we made it to Rawlins, WY at 11:20 last night, 629 miles from home.  We are in the Buick, for this trip we couldn't take the bike but do I miss it when I see all the bikers having a good time.
We arrived at our friends, Fred & Marge in Thornton, CO.  We are excited about seeing family & friends on this trip.  More later.  Alfreda

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Road Trip 2012

The preacher & his babe are taking a road trip to CO & KS to visit family & friends & for Don's 55th class reunion, he graduated from Eads High School.  We will be visiting our granddaughter, Melynda in Haviland, KS where she is going to college.  OH MY, God IS good.